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I’m a solo and freelance project creative — a passionate producer with a single heart for translating light and shadow into black and white or colourful pictures. I’ve shot and developed photo with film and digital camera, as long as they give me what I want. I’ve learnt and managed photos from different programs like Photoshop or Capture One, depends on what I need..

I've worked with some pretty cool cameras, including Leica S2 SL T, Sony A7R A7 A7S A7m2 A7Rm2, Hasselblad 2000FCM SWC, Contax AX, Canon 1Dm4 F1n, Nikon Df F90 F100, Lomo LCA120, Norita 66, Fujifilm GS645 Tiara, Mamiya M645 AFDII, Pentax 10D Q ZX30, Sigma SDQH and etc  


Thank you for visiting my site and feel free to drop me a line about my works!

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